11 Indian Air Conditioners that are NOT made in China (2020)

These days there is a tussle between India and China due to some reasons. It has obviously led to security and trade tensions between the countries. Indians have decided to go for non-Chinese products.

They want to use made in India products, so do you?! That’s why you are on this page. Our team at Thandacool.in decided to go in and make an exhaustive list of AC that is made in China and not made in China. Here it is. We made a List of Air Conditioners and where are they made.

Where are Air Conditioners made?

Indian AC Manufacturing companies



Lloyd is a Indian company which is owned by Havells India limited. Havells is an electric international company That makes a variety of products.

Lloyd Max consumer electronics while Havells Max electrical appliances commercial appliances and industrial devices. Havells is an Indian company that serves worldwide.


Voltas is an Indian company and not Chinese. The company was founded in Mumbai on 6th September 1954. Basically it was collaboration between Tata sons and Volkart brothers. In 2015 voltage when a price in the category of BEE rated appliances. The make water coolers in air coolers as well.

 Voltas also entered a collaboration with Turkey based company.

Blue Star

Bluestar is an Indian company that is in the air conditioning and refrigeration space. Like Voltas it is also headquartered in Mumbai and is the second largest domestic player in this field.Apart from AC they also make water purifier water cooler air coolers cold storage Deep freezers bottled water dispensers and central air conditioning units. The make in India and supply worldwide.


it is an Indian conglomerate company that is owned by the Godrej family largely. It was founded in 1897 by Adi Godrej.

Apart from AC and other consumer electronics they are into furniture security systems etc.


It is a major appliance company, headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, India. Usha has a tie-up with south korean company, Samsung.


Videocon Industries Ltd. is a company with varied products. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, India. They have 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants abroad (Poland, Italy, China, Mexico).


Also known as Mirc Electronics, it is an Indian company. It is based in Mumbai. India.

They started off as a TV manufacturer and later branched off to other appliances as well.


It is an Indian company that mainly makes home appliances. It has manufacturing plants in Kolkata and Verna, India. IFB has 530 retail outlets.


Kenstar is an Indian company that started with introducing branded air coolers in India. They, later on, brought in more and more high products. They stand for quality style and durability.


Established in Ahemdabad, Gujarat in 1988, it is an Indian electrical appliance maker.They mainly make Air coolers and AC.

The Guiness world record of making the worlds largest functioning air cooler is in Symphony’s name.


CK Birla group conglomerate owns the company Orient. It is an Indian company that makes fans, lighting , electrical appliances and switchgears.

They have manufacturing plants in multiple locations in India. And are the largest makers and exporters of fans in India.

Air Conditioners that are made in China

Haier, Midea, and Gree are some Chinese AC brands that are available in India. These are companies that have been operating for a long time now.


Chinese multinational company headquartered in quingdao, China. It makes mainly consumer electronics and home appliances.

One of the major sources says that Haier stands at no. 1 as a brand globally in major appliances from 2009–2018. They recently made the branch named Haier Smart Home.


It is a major electrical appliance maker from China. They have headquarter in Beijiao, China.  It has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 since July 2016. They have more than 200 subsidiaries all over the world.

Midea recently bought the German robotics company KUKA, which is the world’s largest maker of robots.


Gree electrical appliances is a company based in Zhuhai, China. It is a major appliance maker with headquarters in Zhuhai, China.

Gree makes household as well as commercial air conditioning systems. It also produces a lot of kitchen appliances that are useful in daily life.

The company has 2 joint ventures with subsidiaries of Daikin.

Other AC companies

LGSouth Korea
SamsungSouth Korea
O GeneralJapan


LG electronics is a company based in South Korea. They specialise in consumer electronics and Home appliances. They are headquartered in the LG twin tower Seoul South Korea.

Apart from home electronics they also make wearable devices smart watches and solar appliances.

In 2015 LG introduced rolly keyboard. It is a useful concept for students and travellers.


Whirlpool is an American company. It makes and markets home appliances and is headquartered in Michigan United States. In the US, Whirlpool has 9 manufacturing facilities all over the country.

the company makes large appliances as well as small appliances for home and kitchen use.

The company was founded by an insurance salesman along with his uncle taking a investment from retailer businessman. The founder’s uncle was a machine repairman. The uncle made a machine and attached to the manual clothes washer to which the founder bought a patent for $5,000. This concept took off and later turned into a big company called Whirlpool.


Daikin AC Japanese company but it has operations in Japan China Australia India Europe middle East Latin America and Africa etc.

Along with AC and refrigeration they are into chemicals and defence systems.

They have made many patented technologies and refrigerants like R410.


As of 2019 Samsung was the largest consumer electronics company e and second largest technology companyin the world.This is in terms of the revenue.

It is a giant multinational company and serves world wide.


Career is an American company with its headquarters in Florida United States. This company was taken over by another multinational company United technologies but was later on and off as an independent company in 2020.

Willis carrier is credited with inventing the patented modern air conditioning technology.

O general

It is a sub brand of the fujitsu company and is headquartered in Japan. For India ETA private limited is the company that makes o general AC. This is basically a joint venture between fujitsu and ETA  group based in Dubai. In India the headquarters are in Chennai.

The company has another manufacturing unit in Thailand as well.

Some estimations for the future

a.Room air conditioners and unitary air conditioners comprise nearly 90% of all air conditioning equipment imports
b.Shipments of air conditioning equipment are projected to advance 2.7% annually to $9.7 billion in 2023
c.US demand for all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is forecast to increase 3.9% per year through 2023 to $25.1 billion

Collaborations for Domestic Production

In the field of corporate multinational companies, it is common practice to collaborate with a domestic player. For eg. companies like LG, Samsung, Carrier have subsidiaries in India that make the large home appliances like AC, Fridge etc in India itself.

This way of cooperation between large companies creates a better environment for functioning and speeds up the process of making and marketing goods. It also provides knowledge and employment to locals at a high rate.

Is it expensive to Produce and better to Outsource to China?

Of course, but not always. Our team is digging in this terms to give you the best information.


These are basically all the companies that make AC. Whether you buy a made in India product, or a made in China or somewhere else, see to it that you buy the best product possible. Because as my reader, I want you to have the bets product always.

Always check the features of the AC and decide the buy decision.

I hope you find this information useful. Thanks a lot.

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