7 Best 600 mm Ceiling fans in India to keep you COOL in the Summer

In India, the weather conditions in the summer season achieve altogether a different degree. To your comfort, there are several choices that can assist you to withstand the extremely hot season. Speaking of a ceiling fan, it is one of the options that you cannot substitute with anything else. You have AC or not, you will always need a ceiling can, no matter what.

The 7 best 600mm fans are:

  • 1) Havells Nicola 600 mm Fan,
  • 2) Usha swift 600 mm ceiling fan
  • 3) Bajaj 600 Maxima Ceiling Fan
  • 4) ACTIVA Ceiling Fan HIGH Speed 850 RPM Galaxy-1 4 Blades (600MM) Deco
  • 5) Havells Pacer 600mm Fan
  • 6) Candes Tinny 600 mm
  • 7) Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are also affordable. Everyone cannot spend time bucks on Air Conditioners and coolers. It is exceptionally essential to select the accurate size of the ceiling fan.

The humid and dry weather conditions, both are difficult to endure. It should be well constructed so that it regulates the temperature of your place. This proper circulation of air is needed all the time. 

When you visit any store, you might get confused by seeing the plethora of options that you get to see. You can also be swayed away by the heavy words of the marketers which in reality is their tactic.

Making an informed decision is very overwhelming. You need to have a thorough research of the best performing ceiling fans in the market. Well, we have got you covered.

Enlisted below are the best 600 mm ceiling fans in India.

Havells Nicola 600 mm Fan

With this elegant style and high-performance fan, you only need to sit and relax. It’s contemporary design suits your office as well as your home nicely. It also consumes minimum power. Hence, it is a good appliance because of this asset.

Embellished with ornamental trims on engine cover and blades of the fan, this fan exhibits a classy appearance that will suit the furnishings of any modern atmosphere.

Hence, you can renovate the appearance of your room space or residence with the help of this fan.

This appears with differently manufactured twin canopies. This helps you to camouflage the shabby electrical wires. The canopy at the top also gives rise to the easier mounting of the fan on the ceiling.

The subtle yet alluring layout of this fan will fit into any contemporary interior. The luxurious texture of the paint makes it excellent for any area in your residence or studio.

The metallic paint gives it a timeless look. The polished body reinforces the illustrated attraction of the fan to mix in nicely with your decoration.

Fan Motor & Fan Blade have been nicely packed with the details of the fan model. The size of the entire packaging is 30x28x18 CM.


  • It has a lavish metallic painting done on it
  • The design is very elegant to suit your designed rooms
  • The performance is good even at low voltage.
  • The sweep size is 600mm with download length of 245 mm
  • The rotation per minute is 880
  • The product gives a stunning warranty of 2 years.
  • The power is of 62 watts and the operating voltage is 220- 240 volts
  • The entire set comprises of the fan, motor, and blades.
  • The trims are beautifully designed.


It can be on a little expensive side as compared to the other fans out there in the market.

Usha Swift 600 mm Ceiling Fan

A standing True to the name, this ceiling fan swiftly distributes cool air to all corners of the room. The polished coated paint gives this Usha fan a striking finish.

The luxurious white color flawlessly completes any style of ceiling or interior décor. It has a 600mm air stretch. It has 830 rotations per minute.

The Usha swift 60 ceiling fan is excellent for small rooms, study area. It assurances cool indoor enjoyment in a hot climate.


  • It has a High lift angle blade. This enables the widespread of air in the room.
  • Improved outstanding permeability grade electric steel lamination. It increases the life of the fan.
  • It has Glossy powder covered paint for exceptional texture and extended life
  • At Low Voltages, it Operates nicely.
  • The Air Delivery 100cmm
  • Power is 74 Watts
  • It has a 2 years warranty on the product.


This fan is not very suitable for a bigger room because of the size.

Room dimensions (feet)Room area (sq ft)Fan sweep (inches/mm)
6’ x 6’ or less35 or less24”/600 mm
6’ x 6’ to 8’ x 8’35 to 6535”/900 mm
8’ x 8’ to 10’ x 10’65 to 10047”/1200 mm
10’ x 10’ to 15’ x 15’100 to 22555”/1400 mm
More than 16’ x 16’> 2252 or more fans needed

Bajaj 600 Maxima Ceiling Fan

Bajaj has been in the appliance market for long. It has gained the much-required people’s confidence and trust. Bajaj Fans are appreciated by one and all. With such unique performance, Bajaj 600 Maxima Ceiling Fan is definitely smaller in size but this cannot decide it’s performance. The air in your room improves immediately as soon as you turn on the fan.


  • The Rotation per minute is 870
  • It has a double ball bearing. This makes the lifespan longer. This is because it reduces friction.
  • It doesn’t make noise eliminating unpleasant noise.
  • High Torque Motor. It enables it to operate immediately as soon as it is switched on
  • High-quality aluminum blades. It helps in improving the durability of the appliance. It further makes the body of the fan not very heavy.
  • It consumes very little power. It just consumed 66 W of electricity. Therefore, it makes it highly affordable. It also burns your electricity bills.
  • It is a big value for money.


This fan is ideal for your space with hardly any cons.

Activa Ceiling Fan High Speed 850 RPM Galaxy-1 4 Blades (600 mm) Deco

It has utilitarian features wilt simple and sleek design. It gives fresh air and makes the environment relaxed and airy. The blades are 122.93 cm long. This fan is ideal for any large room or even medium-sized room.


  • It is bee approved. It doesn’t consume a lot of power.
  • The blades are aerodynamically balanced.
  • The Rotation per minute is 850
  • It is an exclusive high-performance model.
  • The life of the van is very good as it has heavy CRC stamping.


This fan is not a good option for a small room or compact spaces.

Havells Pacer 600mm Fan

This fan is equipped with widely constructed blades. The number of blades is 3. It ensures exceptional air delivery. The blades are modelled aerodynamically for rapid dispersion of air.

Best for modern interiors – this wall will perfectly complement your room. The doctor of your room will be enhanced along with adding aesthetics.

Havells India Limited is a steering Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company. It is an important energy dispersion appliance manufactory with a powerful accepted existence.


  • It has a Vital motor for improved air release
  • The long-lasting paint finish
  • Outstanding execution rightfully at low voltage
  • The Warranty is of 2 years on the appliance
  • The Power is of 52 watts
  • The Operating Voltage is of 220 – 240 volts


  • All in all, this Fan fits all the needs of the customers without any cons.

Candes Tinny 600 mm

Provide a modern and detailed view to your house by putting in a fashionable ceiling fan from. It is manufactured by remembering in psyche the elegance, power efficiency, and refreshing.

Candes ceiling fans will certainly operate as per your objective. They are built from substances that propose simple cleaning. It is certainly a must-buy appliance.


  • The Rotation let minute is 858. This is counted amongst the best ceiling fans out there in the market
  • This fan is economical with optimum performance even at a very low voltage.
  • The powder coating is impressive and long-lasting.
  • The warranty is of 2+1 years from the date it has been purchased.


  • This model of the fan is very nice and doesn’t have any cons.

Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm ceiling fan

This fan had an aluminum body with 600mm blades. This four-blade fan has a very and sleek design which gives it a decent look.


  • The colors available are brown, ivory, or white.
  • It comes with double ball bearing.
  • It has an aerodynamic design
  • The wide sweep has the ability to distribute the air in just 3 minutes across a room.
  • It further gives 2 years warranty on the product if there is any manufacturing defect.


  • The Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm ceiling fan is very versatile with no cons.


Nonetheless, it is noteworthy for you to comprehend specific characteristics which should not be ignored which selecting the appliance. narrowing down the choices makes the decision making the process a lot more simple.

When you begin watching out for the promising quality ceiling fans, you are greatly liable to get distracted. That’s why we have summarized some of the highly valuable choices that can simplify your quest.

With tremendous excellence, extraordinary execution and affordable sales, these ceiling fans must be given a try. comparison before giving rise to any judgment is remarkably crucial.

Even if you utilize an AC, a ceiling fan will let you boost the location of the thermostat.

If you speculate of selecting a costly fan that would perform smoothly and will result in more problem-free functioning when compared to the cheap models. Glance for the grades of the sound and if it is effective for you, only then make a purchase.

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