Air Conditioning Modes that will cut your electricity Bills in Half: Explained! [with some practical tips for 2021]

If you are a person from the ’90s, you know how basic the initial AC models were. They had some simple switches to operate. Just a few settings like high to low along with on and off or timer button. I have always wondered what might be the best AC Modes that will cut electricity Bills in Half or more. I did some digging and found some interesting facts about the AC modes that save electricity.

Today anyone and everyone are looking for good electrical gadgets which can also save power at the same time. Energy Saver Modes top the list of all the modes present in Air Conditioners.

These are the AC Modes that will cut your Electricity bills in half (save 50%):

  • Dry Mode
  • SE Mode (Save Electricity Mode) from BlueStar AC.
  • Energy Control Mode by LG
  • Eco Mode
  • Fan Mode

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