AC vs Air Cooler vs Fan in terms of Power Consumption in India 2020

In this day and age, we all are striving hard to save money for a secure future. Little do we know that the devices and gadgets that we use in our everyday life consume a large chunk of electricity. Also, most of the bills are elongated by the large appliance and heating and cooling devices. Actually the comparison is a bit vague, but I had a thought about the electricity bills and wanted to know. So I did research and found all this.

The electricity used by a fan is the least (0.1 to 0.3 unit/hr). Air coolers are next with energy consumption of 0.2 to 0.6 units/hr with different for branded and non-branded ones. Air conditioners are the most expensive in terms of energy used with 1 to 2 units/hr usage. The usage of AC varies with the star rating and tonnage of the device.

Today anyone and everyone are looking for good electrical gadgets which can also save power at the same time.The efficiency of an Air Conditioners can be checked by EER which is Energy Efficient Rating. Efficiency of air cooler and fans is checked by the units used per hour.

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Power consumed by Split and Window Type AC

Type of ACStar RatingTonnageUnit/hr usage
SPLIT5 star1 ton1
1.5 ton1.5
2 ton1.7
3 star0.8 ton0.8
1 ton1
1.5 ton1.6
2 ton1.9
2 star1 ton1.1
1.5 ton1.7
2 ton2.2
WINDOW3 star1 ton1.1
1.5 ton1.7
2 star1 ton1.2
1.5 ton1.7
AC uses a lot of electricity

Power Consumed by an Air Cooler

AIr Coolers consume upto 10 times less electricity than an AC. Moreover, they are portable and easy to maintain.

Cooler typeUnit/hr usage
Branded Air Cooler0.2 to 0.5
Local Air Cooler0.5+
Air Coolers are super efficient when compared to Air Conditioners

Power Consumed by a Fan

The power consumption of a fan is only slightly less than that of an air cooler. The minimum to the maximum energy usage of a ceiling fan is around 0.1 to 0.3 units/hour.

Calculation of Power consumption and Monthly Electricity Bill

Power consumption of a device can be calculate for per hour, per month and per year as well. This is provided, you have all the required information for it.

  • Number of hours of usage of the device or appliance
  • The wattage or Watts (W) of the device
  • Domestic or Commercial use for estimation of the cost/unit

You can visit these sites to calculate or anticipate your electricity bill before you buy:

  1. Source1
  2. Source2
  3. Source3

Factors affecting the energy consumption:

Here are some of the factors that will directly or indirectly affect the energy consumption of a device. This is especially applicable in terms of an Air conditioner.

Extremely hot weather (>45 degrees)Add extra 0.5 ton
Terrace flat or direct sunlightAdd extra 0.5 ton
Heat producing work at homeAdd extra 0.5 ton
Type of furnitureDepends on type
Rooms where papers or books are moreAdd extra 0.5 ton
Long  or heighted house (>12 feet)Add extra 0.5 ton
Inverter stabilizer used along with the ACEverywhere except Metropolitan cities
Basic capacity is 100 sq ft/ 600 = 0.167Add 0.5 Ton for every 5 ppl
Basic factors to consider while buying an AC

Overall Comparison of Air Cooler vs AC vs Fan

Air CoolerAir ConditionerCeiling Fan
75-80% less electricity consumption than an AC.Most electricity usage among the three.Least amount of electricity is used
Cooling is a completely natural process that doesn’t involve complex parts and procedures, unlike AC.Cooling requires working of a lot of parts together in synchronization. This requires a lot of energy use.Mostly mechanical process of circulating the air around us and evaporating the sweat on us.
Upfront cost is low in an air cooler as compared to AC.AC takes more upfront cost and recurring expense in the way of bills.All the costs are the least.
Maintenance cost is low; rather the maintenance is also less.Maintenance and maintenance costs are very high.No maintenance except maybe once in 5 years.

Future Power and Electricity scenarios

In all scenarios, as the efficiency of devices will increase, less energy will be used up. However, there will be a rise in the use of energy too. The reasons being:

  • Developing countries with a strong and growing economy
  • Transport and heating are being electrified. Combustion engines will become obsolete and electric engines will take their place around the globe.

As transport and heating become more climate-friendly, the environmental effect of energy consumption will be more determined by electricity.

Power Consumption worldwide

per capita
WORLD20,900 (20.9 PWh)68%11%21%7,0402.97
1 China4,830 (4.83 PWh)78%2%20%1,3563.56
2 United States4,070 (4 PWh)66%19%13%31412.96
3 Japan98985%1% [7]12%1287.73
4  Russia94863%16%21%1446.58
5 India94081%3%16%1,2370.760
Source: Wikipedia


The World Energy Council sees world electricity consumption increasing to more than 40,000 TWh/a in 2040. This means it will be more and more important for device makers to create efficient products. And people will be opting for more energy saving devices for obvious reasons.

Having said that, the work of an AC or an air cooler cannot be done by a fan and vice versa. At least not yet! maybe later on some technology may come in which may revolutionize the industry of air cooling.

Thank you for reading.

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