This website compares the best AC and washing machines. Also, other home appliances.

Be it AC, Water Purifiers, washing machines, refrigerators, air purifiers, we cover it all.

The website gives a general guide to buy for its users.

Additionally, it gives ways to make your AC and other appliances function better. This will reduce your electricity bills in some or the other way.

Also, we give you practical tips and tricks to maintain your stuff in uber condition.

There are various new technologies that are coming up day-in and day-out. We keep a tab on them and notify you.

There are comparison tables in our various posts.

Our team has added the latest comparisons of products that have been launched.

There are video links given inside the posts, which can direct you. Watching them will give you a clear insight.

The internet is flooded with so much false advertisement that finding the right products becomes very difficult. People get very confused and end up buying the wrong products.

Only to realize that this product does not fulfill their requirements completely.

But its too late! Here is where our articles help you immensely.

That is why we try our best to give you concise stuff.

You can refer our posts and compare products, so as to help you make a buying decision. You can decide on buying the best AC and washing machines.

We give you information on stuff that is totally new on the market. This informs you as well as educates you. Then you make an educated and informed buying decision.

You move from a newbie consumer (or amateur buyer) to a buying expert. This benefits your family’s needs and saves your pocket from burning a hole.

Most important, this eventually gives you peace of mind.

The ThandaCool team strives hard to leave no stone unturned. We give you the best of authentic information. This will assist you in deciding your product purchase.