Best Ceiling Fan with Remote in India 2021

Whenever summer hits, the only thing we remember is to switch on the fans. Yes, we always think of putting on the fans placed in our roof that can beat the hot summers.

Thus, we can summarize fans as the such machines which creates a flow of energy in the form of air which is probably used to feel the air and creates a cooling effect.

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Fans have always been an important element in the Indian household and therefore it carries a lot of importance in India. Also, with the advancement in technology in India the Indian household and infrastructure market is bringing new innovations to the things of daily use.

Moreover, there are many companies which are completely indulged in making innovative daily use utility products ranging from personal care to kitchen appliances. One such innovated product we are going to talk about in this article is a remote for a fan. Yes you heard me right a remote-controlled ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fan with Remote in India 2020

Now you would ask is that even possible? The answer is Yes, it is 110% possible and available in the Indian markets. Just think of you relaxing on your couch or sofa while watching TV and changing the speed of your fan just as you change channels by your TV remote control. Isn’t it interesting!

Remote control ceiling fans are just changing the way how people live in their daily lives and it has also taken the innovation in daily products to a next level.

Now lets know more about this useful product in detail:

History and Evolution of the Ceiling Fans over time:

Around 500-600 BC in India the earliest fan which was invented was known as the “Pankha”. With four flaps around a revolving circle the Pankha proved to be cooling effect provider to the people. The flaps were made with some Indian tree leaves and it was a manually operated fan with a cord or string attached to it.

Later on, in late 80’s the concept of electric motor came into existence and thus people started using the electric motor to make the fan revolve faster as compare to the manual fan which moved slowly.

This electric motor equipped fan became popular and was rapidly adapted at various places such as restaurants, schools, colleges, courts etc.

Soon the technology start revolutionizing in the early 90’s and a new fan came into existence which had a revolving belt in its main frame. The belt inside the fan’s flask would revolve so fast which would help the fan to rotate even faster.

The fan’s speed here was an important aspect and therefore a regulator was provided which would help to adjust the speed of the fan chronologically.

Yes, so this was the point of change and from that time people started adopting these fans with regulators in their homes and from there many fans were invented with the same concept of regulators such as the room fans, wall hanging fans, portable fans and table fans.

The face of technology has been changed drastically over the years and after the introduction of air conditioners in the market there was a need of such fan which can be controlled with the help of a remote or a mobile instead of a regulator.

Hence, the remote oriented ceiling fan came into existence. The important thing here to notice is that these fans are gaining very much popularity globally as well as in the Indian market.

So, what exactly is a Remote operated ceiling fan?

Best Ceiling Fan with Remote in India 2020

Basically, Remote operated ceiling fan is just like a normal ceiling fan but it comes with a remote controller which facilitates the user to change the speed whenever he wants.

The main idea behind such fans is to reduce the discomfort caused to the user by again and again getting up for reducing the fan’s speed. Now a days remote controlled fans are coming up with various features such as air swing, speed lock, Fan timer etc.

Therefore, due to these interesting features in a ceiling fan are catching the attention of people in India and people are going for this option majorly.

Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans – Technology Specifications:

There is a variety of ceiling fans controlled with remote available in the market and therefore the features of one another differs.

Therefore, I am going to tell you about the basic specifications which a remote-controlled ceiling fan has and further we will discuss about the range of smart fans available in the market.

  • A powerful high-speed electronic motor
  • Sharp blades made of Fiber
  • Blade brackets and petal arms to hold the blades and attach with the electronic motor.
  • Flywheel, Inner Shaft, and Rotor.
  • Ball-socket mechanism, Flush Mount
  • I-beam, J-Socket, Mounting handles
  • Speed sensor and regulator device
  • Electronic remote with active infrared sensor

This is the list of the basic things required for a remote operated ceiling fan to work.

List of Best Remote-Controlled Fans:

So, as we have mentioned above the basic specifications required for a remote-controlled ceiling fan there are various types of remote-controlled fans available in the market.

Many companies are coming up with new modern-day innovations in the fans. So, under this heading we can list the types of fans based on their use, structure, the brands and specifications. We have mentioned links which you can click to check the products and prices.

Now I am going to list some of the available remote-controlled fans online based on their brand, specifications, pros and cons.

Orient Electric 1200mm Ceiling Fan with Remote Energy Saver Ecotech Plus (CHECK PRICE)1.Saves 50% energy 2.Brushless Motor 3.Double operations on invertor
4.Low voltage till 140 volts
2 years warranty Power up to 32 watts
Double ball bearing
Smooth operations
Bad build quality  
Poor speed Sensor problem
Crompton Ceiling Fan with Remote Energion HS 48-inch Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated High Speed BLDC (CHECK PRICE)1. 5-star rated BLDC fan
2. High speed 370 RPM 3. 35 W at high speed
Point anywhere remote control   5 years warranty   Light Weight  Poor after sale service  
Fan rotation problem on different speeds
Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan with Remote 1200 mm 3 Blades (CHECK PRICE)  1. Energy Efficient BLDC Motor
2. Speed: 345 RPM
3. Air Delivery: 240 CMM
Energy saving Reliable brand Good quality Good service  No negative review found for this product till date.
LONGWAY Creta Anti Dust with Wireless Remote Control 1200 MM HIGH Speed (100% Copper) Ceiling Fan – 400 RPM  (CHECK PRICE)1. Anti-Dust Coating
2. Heavy Duty
3. Aerodynamic blades 4. Uni-Designed Wireless Remote Control 5. Double ball bearing
Noise free operation   Durable   2 years warranty    Low quality flaps  
Poor service
Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan with IOT, Remote & Undelight (CHECK PRICE1. Inverter technology 2. IOT based
3. Mobile app operated  
  Google assistant Power saver Smart fan Unique designSensor problem   App updating needed

So, I hope you have understood from the above chart the most common forms of a Fan. The above is tabular representation explaining the types of Fans in India.

Advancements in Fans:

Gone are the days when fans just used to provide a cooling effect. The phase of technology is continuously changing and therefore the electronic industry is also changing rapidly.

Now a days what cant you think in a fan; it has got everything from automatic stop timer to wake up alarm. Under this sub head we will be discussing about the advancements and innovation which the fan industry is undergoing.

This is just the start everyday a new feature with innovation is added to the world of ceiling fan therefore I say this is just the beginning.

Let me tell you about some of the superb advancements in the fans till date:

  • Ecofriendly Fans: There are a lot of eco-friendly fans coming in the market which require less power supply and are ecofriendly also. These save the cost of the user ultimately and are safe from the environmental point of view.
  • Fans with Lighting: So, the new age fans have come which proves to be a two in one combination of both light and air provider. These fans come up with adjustable lights that are helpful. The LED lights installed in the fans help the users to take the benefit of lighting as well as cooling at the same time.
  • Designer Fans: Now a day’s brands have started selling personalized fans. Think of a fan with your photo on it; Yes, it is possible. Designer fans let you do so you can choose a design for your fan and easily get it installed at your house.
  • Noise reduction fans: The silent ceiling fans are again a great invention; these fans reduce noise and come with some sound redactors and sound absorbers which helps the fan create less or no noise.
  • FAN with IoT: IOT is basically a term only techs would understand. Internet of things is one such dome through which the fans can be converted into smart fans. The IoT fans are smart fans who are controlled with the help of a mobile application.  These fans can be connected easily to your WIFI and have mode such as Sleep mode, Intelligent mode, etc. These fans also have options such as Timer, air swing, alarm, Assistant voice control, etc.
  • Fans with Bluetooth speaker:  Ever thought of listening to your favorite music while relaxing under a fan. Now you can do this easily by getting the new Bluetooth embedded ceiling fan with a speaker installed. It is very useful during parties, yoga sessions, and whenever music is required.
  • Bladeless Fans: This is the newest invention in the Fans with bladeless air throw technology. You just have to keep the rotator device in the area where you are sitting and the air will be spread in all the directions through the bladeless revolving fan inside the spherical box.

How to use Ceiling Fan with Remote effectively?

So, the next question arises how these fans can be effectively used. In India the main problem that always persists is the effective, efficient and optimum resources of the resources, products etc. In this sub head we will know about the effective usage of remote-controlled ceiling fans.

The most important thing while using a fan is that all the nearby windows must be closed tightly so that the outside air does not enter. If possible, one must also put on the curtains, remember that more the darkness higher will be the cooling. The same concept works in the case of Air Conditioner also.

Other than this the remote-controlled ceiling fan are already less power consuming fans. The built-in technology of the fan keeps a check that the power consumption is less and does not exceeds a certain mark. 

One more way to effectively use these fans is that it comes with a feature of Timer and alarm, so what you can do is just set the alarm or timer when you think you will not need a fan. The fan will automatically get off as soon as it reaches the time limit. In this way the consumption would also be less and no extra use of fan would be there.

Problems faced by people who bought remote control operated fans:

There always exists pros and cons of any product and so is the case with the remote operated ceiling fan also. Here we will be discussing about the cons, negative points and problems faced by the users of these fans based on their reviews on various shopping sites. Below given are some of the major points which were found in most of the reviews as negative points:

  • Expensive: People on most of the shopping sites have commented that these fans are too expensive. Being a sort of smart fan, these fans has a very high cost in which almost three normal fans can be installed.
  • Remote and sensor problem: Many people faced problem while operating the remote. They say that the sensor is of no use it does not follow the remote commands. It may be a problem in some cases but cannot be a major problem as the main key in this product is the remote.
  • Professional Installation: Some users said that the fans are too complex and it needs professional assistance to install these fans.
  • Automatic speed change: As we discussed the remote sensor problem this problem is a similar kind of problem faced by users in which the speed of the fan gets automatically changed. A person in winters put the fan on 1st level and within 10 minutes the speed goes to the 5th level which is irritating.
  • Noisy: The fan is found to be too noisy by some users. They say that the motor and each and every part creates too much noise which is disturbing.
  • Stops suddenly: The fan gets heated up and stops suddenly. Many people on a particular shopping site have faced similar problem related to stopping of the fan.

Why should we choose a remote-controlled ceiling fan over normal fan?

  • Saves money drastically (ranges from Rs 1000-2000 a year)
  • Runs doubled time when on inverter
  • Anti-dust
  • Light indicator for various functions
  • Sleep mode, boost mode, timer, alarm
  • Smart remote
  • Can be operated from a distance ranging 15-20 feet
  • Ecofriendly in all ways

How these fans are energy efficient?

  • The remote-controlled fans are totally energy-efficient plus environment friendly.
  • They do not let your bill to heat up and consume excessive energy.
  • The motor and other devices are used in such a manner that less power is consumed and fewer units of electricity are used.
  • The most important thing is these fans are checked and approved by the electricity and energy departments of the country and therefore after this approval, it is 100% safe to use.
  • Also, these fans have got different modes through which you can set the fan to stop automatically at a predetermined time. I think this is the most efficient way of using the fan from the user’s side.


So, by concluding all that we have discussed above in this article I would like to say that the face of technology and innovation is completely changed. And we have also seen that over the years the new and unique thing always replaces the older one, similar is the case with ceiling fans in India also.

With the introduction of new-age computer programs and domains such as artificial intelligence and AI everything can be thought in a smarter way. Fans have always been a product of utility and with the help of remote-controlled ceiling fans, I think the companies are trying to provide comfort in hand in hand with utility.

I completely agree with the problems and negative reviews faced by the people while using these fans but where we cannot see a problem these days.

These are just fans and the companies are doing their bests to deliver a world-class experience to the users. I think we should all use these fans in order to safeguard our environment as these fans are effective in energy saving and cost-saving at the same time.


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