Best Window AC in India (2020)

Best Window AC in India

The temperature is rising in certain parts of the country. So, you may be looking for the best Window AC in India.

Due to rise in inflation, consumers have become more budget-conscious. More so, if they are to buy electronic products.

AC is no more a luxury! Its a necessity by all means and in all classes of society. On top of that, an inverter AC is more expensive than a window AC.

Best Window AC in India

You have to consider other factors. Some of them are long-lasting and low maintenance. Windows ACs are preferred more than split ACs. This is because they are reasonable and long-lasting.

Main AC Maintenance Items:

– Changing the filter regularly (every 1-3 months)
– Getting AC tune-ups/servicing seasonally
– Removing debris from and cleaning the casing of the outside unit
– Checking on and replacing refrigerant insulation as necessary

Here is the list of the most noteworthy window air-conditioners in India 2019. We will try to access the technical aspects as well as value-for-money aspects for a few best window air-conditioners in India.

Here is the list as follows:-

1. Voltas 1.5 ton window AC (5 stars)

Best Window AC in India

As we all are aware that Voltas is a brand backed by prestigious business house TATA.

In the list of Best Window AC in India, this AC is definitely in the top 5 brackets.

It is also due to the fact that it comes not only with exquisite features but also with an affordable price range.

This is certainly for those looking for a relatively inexpensive window AC. The AC is Power-packed with 1.5 tonnages and 5-star rating. It easily cools the ambiance in no time and also consumes less electricity, as low as 1 unit per hour.

Even in the absence of an inverter, the gadget instantly cools the ambiance. With turbo mode options it doesn’t require time to cool the room.

Most of the consumers demand fresh air-venting window AC. You get filters like Anti-dust filter and humidifier. And this AC vents fresh air every time it’s put on.

The AC comes with a copper condenser coil, auto-swing mode, timer to adjust the optimum temperature during the night sleep, LED panel that glows even the dark, along with a remote.

Let’s analyze the warranty and service section:

With a 5-year warranty on compressor, and just a call away technicians, this brand of AC is perfect for buying. After-sales service is one thing to really admire as well.

Specifications and details:-

  • Capacity – 1.5 ton
  • Energy rating – 5 stars
  • Compressor – single type
  • Energy consumption – 1159 units per annum

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