Best AC Brand in India – Reviews to check before buying

You want the best Ac brand that India has to offer! No doubt there. I say India is a tropical country. We don’t need in-depth scientific data to understand this changing trend. The hot days at our home will suggest things are real after all. Getting an AC for your home sounds like the best … Read more

Anti-VOC filters in AC

Were you looking to read about air conditioning filter types? Go no ahead. This is where you will find it. Anti-VOC Filters: Basically, VOCs are carbon-containing compounds that affect the health of asthma and allergy patients. They settle in the room due to a lack of proper ventilation. This could harm health in the longer … Read more

Activated Carbon Filter in AC and Air Purifiers (2020)

Activated Carbon Filter in AC is an entirely new ballgame; a new kid on the block! It is a kind of entirely new technology.  Activated Carbon Filter works by a process known as Adsorption. Mainly, fine particles of carbon that are highly absorbent and porous in nature. Adsorption attracts contaminated particles in the air towards … Read more

Electrostatic Filters In AC for fresh air (2020)

If you were looking for Electrostatic Filters In AC, stay tuned. We have explained it and given the brand name that uses it, too! Air pollution is on the rise! It is taking a toll on human health. The Electrostatic Filters In AC consist of a metal mesh through which only air passes. So, the … Read more

Best Window AC in India (2020)

The temperature is rising in certain parts of the country. So, you may be looking for the best Window AC in India. Due to rise in inflation, consumers have become more budget-conscious. More so, if they are to buy electronic products. AC is no more a luxury! Its a necessity by all means and in … Read more

Best Split AC with 5 Star Rating India 2020

Nowadays ratings are everything! If you were trying to find the best split ac in India with a 5-star rating, stop right here. This is an article about split AC with good ratings. Before you hit ‘buy’, look for the best split ac in India with a 5-star rating.  To read more about Energy star rating in … Read more

Gold fin technology in AC (2020)

AC is made of many important parts. One of them being the condenser. If it works properly, the AC lasts long. This is where the new technology comes into the picture. Gold fin technology in AC – Practical Use Basically, the evaporative fins cool the air once it passes through. Normally, the fins get wet … Read more