Why do Air coolers throw water? And 5 quick ways to avoid them!

Summers are near and people love to use air coolers. But have you ever thought of the technology being used there. The operating theory of an air cooling system is that as the air moves through the liquid, the heat transfer occurs, and the air cools. In this phase, the air is damp or humidified … Read more

AC vs Air Cooler vs Fan in terms of Power Consumption in India 2020

In this day and age, we all are striving hard to save money for a secure future. Little do we know that the devices and gadgets that we use in our everyday life consume a large chunk of electricity. Also, most of the bills are elongated by the large appliance and heating and cooling devices. … Read more

Which is the Best AC for Baby’s Room? Air conditioning for baby’s room and Dressing the Baby for sleeping in AC

Which is the best AC for baby's room?

Air conditioners serve to keep you relaxed and comfortable. In turn, we as parents, bring in all undertakings to make babies relaxed. You may be confused if it’s safe to use an AC. And whether there is such an AC? Moreover, how to operate it, such that the baby is safe and sleeps peacefully? Babies … Read more

7 Reasons to Buy a Gree AC in 2021

You don’t need to worry as the Gree Air conditioners are present to cater to your needs. With “GREE, the Master of Core Technologies”, you can enjoy a relaxed and cold compartment condition with the lowest energy consumption. Wondering why to buy a Gree AC? Let’s get down to brass tacks. Why should you select … Read more

6 Highest EER Air Conditioners that actually save energy!

There are various brands of Air Conditioners in the Market which are responsible to provide you this level of comfort. This can make it difficult to choose from the plethora of options in the market. The efficiency of an Air Conditioners can be checked by EER which is Energy Efficient Rating. The capacity and the power … Read more

Are you waiting for a Sale to buy an Air Conditioner? [With some Stats]

When do Air conditioners go on Sale in India

“You should be aware that anywhere a ground rod is installed, there may be an AC” -Steven Macgee,  Electrical Forensics. An air conditioner is an intricate appliance, a contemporary manifestation of a gadget that regulates the air in a restricted, encircled area through its refrigeration procedure. The method includes a shift of air by pulling … Read more

Air Conditioning Modes that will cut your electricity Bills in Half: Explained! [with some practical tips for 2021]

ac modes that will cut your electricity bills in half

If you are a person from the ’90s, you know how basic the initial AC models were. They had some simple switches to operate. Just a few settings like high to low along with on and off or timer button. I have always wondered what might be the best AC Modes that will cut electricity … Read more

Does a 1-Ton Inverter AC Perfectly fit a small room (India 2021)?

1 Ton AC: The Perfect fit for a small room

Recently I was sitting in my small study room, thinking whether 1 ton AC is enough for a small room, like a small bedroom. Because nowadays people are going for a 1.5 ton AC for their rooms due to good sales pitches. That is why this thought crossed my mind and I researched the topic … Read more

Are Orient Fans from Aero Slim series Good?

Orient Fans Aero Slim series

Introduction This write contains an honest review of the Orient Fans Aero Slim series in India 2020. Today, you can avail a lot of cooling products, but fans remain evergreen! Stay tuned for an in-depth guide to the Orient fans which can be controlled by an App, Alexa, remote, and voice. Rajeev Sharma from NDTV … Read more

Shoot the Haier AC Trouble before it shoots you? India 2020

Haier Air Conditioner Review Price

This article is about Haier AC Troubleshooting Review and the price factor relative to other brands. Haier is an international AC company. They entered India recently and they have some patented technologies. You can bet on their great technologies. Triple Inverter technology, built-in air purifier, and self-cleaning idea. Troubleshooting meaning: Analyse a problem or a … Read more