Does an Air cooler burst and Why? What to do about it?

Air coolers have become a necessity at the time of the hot season. They provide coolness to the place and people feel relaxed under them. Sometimes there could be some issues in these air coolers like why some of the air coolers burst? What could be the reason behind it? What should people do to avoid such kind of problems?

This article highlights on such kind of questions, So let’s start with few of the reasons as why the air coolers burst:-

Reasons for Air cooler burstingSolution
High Pressure with which the air is enteringSwitching the Air cooler blades ‘on’
Installation not done properlyProper technicians often fail to check out refrigerant charging issues
Any faulty plug with circuit breakersLet the unit to stabilize for about 5 minutes before restarted
Air-cooler leakageThe qualified technician can fix any leakage and charge it
Poor maintenanceRegular maintaining
Electricity fluctuationelectrical coolers and contacts must test during an informed ride.
Problem with the sensorThe sensor should be close to the waves but never touch it
Drainage issuesLeveling should be done

Pressure with which the air is entering:-

The primary cause of the air cooler burst is the air entering the cooling system with high static pressure; thus leaking of the air into the vacuum service mechanism, it may become an explosion.

If you feel the occasional cool breeze, the Air cooler blades may be in the wrong configuration. Switching the Air cooler blades ‘on’ lets the blowers operate unprevented so that it works without cooling your house.

Installation not done properly:-

Among the most prevalent air cooler explosions is improper activity. Sometimes the faulty installation is done which; adversely affects the system of the air cooler.  Repetitively, the refrigerant load (the volume of refrigerant in the system) does not comply with the company’s requirements.

Suppose sufficient refrigerant charging not carry out during installation. The quality and productivity of the device are impaired.

Underqualified carrier technicians often fail to check out refrigerant charging issues or, perhaps, worse present problems with the help of using refrigerant included in a system that is currently already complete. Understand what to look for when you hire a mechanic to take good care of one’s air cooler system.

Any faulty plug with circuit breakers:-

Air coolers widely use to render robust, over-quality goods. If your air-cooler crashes, begin by searching for any plugs or circuit breakers. Enable the unit to stabilize for about 5 minutes well before breakers restarted.

If a large air cooler ceases on a hot day, a high-strength restriction switch could also have occurred. With the support of pressing the button, reboot the system and get the entry to the panel.

When dust, dirt, and mineral particles build up on the unit, then likely won’t get enough heat out of the machine, and it compelled to run continuously, trying to chill your room. Multiplied pressure and temperature will cause the piston to heat up and fail.

Air-cooler leakage

Whenever your air-cooler is low on a coolant, it either has been undercharged at implementation or has leaked. If it spills, it’s not always a solution. The qualified technician can fix any leakage, glance at the fix, and then charge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant.

Know that your aircon’s optimal performance and efficiency would be the finest when the charge is the same. The producer’s data are neither overcharged nor tricked. The leakage could also be harmful to the environment.

Poor maintenance

If you cause wires to end up filthy, the air cooler will not function reliably, and then the fans are likely to fail unnecessarily.

Electricity fluctuation

Explicitly, the fan control mechanisms can be switched on. Although the aircon always switched on and rotten, it’s not uncommon while the device is oversized. Since wire and terminal oxidation is a burden in several systems, electrical coolers and contacts must test during an informed ride.

Problem with the sensor

Space Air cooler includes a thermostat sensor mounted behind the instruments panel that monitors the intensity of the Air entering the evaporative coils. If the detector removes from the location, the air con can cycle it continuously or act erratically. The sensor should be close to the waves but never touch it; change its location by carefully adjusting the wire that keeps it in place.

Drainage issues

If it is damp outside, inspect the compressor drain to ensure it is not blocked up and drains properly. Hall air conditioners will not drain adequately if the level is not installed.

How to check if the Air cooler burst?

It’s very important to know as how to check that whether the air cooler is working properly or not:-

Stuff to check in an air cooling system for your home

Compact evaporative coolers use in many Indian families during the summer season. They are much more economical to operate than air conditioning units and therefore can supply high-level ventilation for big bedrooms and living quarters. The air cooler utilizes water vapor to reduce the temperature within the room. The air cooler is, therefore, even more eco-friendly than the air-conditioning unit. However, there are some aspects you should retain in mind when you’re purchasing an air cooling system for your home to get an efficient summer cooling system.

Layout and Portability

If you’re using the air cooler as something of a fixed device, consider the external air cooler to conserve space within the home. On the other side, if you’re looking for a convenient air cooler that can carry inside the house, look for a model with a lightweight, upright design and solid wheels. Heading for a multinational air cooler company will solve your confusion of innovation and efficiency. For instance, good-quality air coolers constructed of durable plastic and metallic components that make them suitable for Indian homes.

Power Reliability

The energy performance of air coolers renders them the chosen alternative for Indian consumers. So, before purchasing one, check the energy consumption stats for your air cooling systems. If you have an air cooling system for a wide area of exposure, expect energy consumption to increase coverage size.

How to sustain an Air cooler?

You need to keep the Air Cooler System clean so that it doesn’t have to work much harder to extract the air. The window unit can lean a touch outward so that the condensation water will run out quickly.

Please don’t use an air cooler cable because it can not bear the electrical charge. The air cooler needs to wire to its circuit. 


Dust, trash, and mineral flakes build up on the cooling unit, seems to be a tightly packed. Dirt limits its ability to turn outdoor warmth. As a result, the Air Cooler would run continuously without shutting down.

Flawed wiring:

Electrical fires are the result of terrible wiring and also well-known connectors, switches, and power strips.

Power surge:

What we’re asking for as “up-down voltage” will cause your home appliances to shut down. That is also a common concern with the country’s energy supply. The main sign is usually a flickering light accompanied by a rise in the voltage fall.

How to defend yourself from fires?

  • Power down during the storm
  • Check the wiring to make sure that everything is as it is.
  • Have surge protectors to prevent excessive voltage from catching fire. Theoretically, new construction requires to mounted with surge upholders that efficiently dispel extra modernity using a valid floor link.
  • Attach through circuit breakers such that they shut down when there is a spike to secure your electronic equipment.
  • If you are fixing an old Air conditioning unit, ensure that the correct gas use for refilling.

Solely put, we can prevent such accidents if we find the air cooler wiring correctly, implement overvoltage protection, and manage it regularly.

Take great care of your cooling system with daily Air Cooler maintenance activities.

Because once you take significant control of your cooling area, it’ll maintain the airflow in your place with steady, efficient cooling. That ensures that your air cooler device service is delivered at least twice per year by a reliable air-cooler service provider.

Confirm that you have chosen a service company with competent, professional licensing specialists. This way, you would know that they require the experience to detect and avoid issues that could cause air cooling system compressor malfunction.

Maintenance of everything is required so is the air cooler.

What should we do to save the air cooler from bursting?

Consequently, the overconsumption heats up: let’s admit it: whenever these weak units are hot and humid, they work 24 hours every day, seven days a week. It’ll also cause the branches to heat up and disintegrate. What the heck are you going to do?

Since most fires start during the eight hours of electrical use, why not provide your Air Conditioning unit the chance to inform your regional electricity provider within the hours of the peak?

Not nicely keeping the Air cooler segments: both mechanical and electrical devices need regular servicing.


Thus it’s very important to get a good air cooler and check for the above things before purchasing it for you.

Did you know that you’re going to get the most direct offer on Air Cooler Preventive Maintenance as soon as you invest in an annual service agreement?

You will also get a cleanup schedule for this design precisely for your requirements and your expenditure. Maintenance is important for proper functioning.

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