Nanosilver filter used in AC (2020) [Updated]

Nanosilver filter used in AC

Lately, a different kind of filter used in AC is the trend for higher air! They are of a nano size and are made of silver ions.

Why Nanosilver filter?

When you use the AC for a long time, dust particles block the filters. Thus, the AC uses even more electricity and leads to more upkeep. Nanosilver filter used in AC helps in the removal of bacteria (more than 600 types) from the air. They are self-cleaning filters and are quite useful.

Filter used in AC

The problem it Solves

How it works

Companies that make

Anti-VOC filters

Carbon-containing compounds affect the health of asthma and
allergy patients.

Anti-VOC filters reduce the hazardous gases and compounds in
the air.


Activated Carbon Filter

Bacteria and contaminated particles

Activated Carbon Filter work by Adsorption: Fine particles of carbon that are highly absorbent and porous in nature.

Sharp and Phillips

Electrostatic Filters

Dust and bacteria collection

The Electrostatic Filters consist of a metal mesh through which only air passes. So, the layers of the filters trap the charged molecules. Air flows through static prone fibers, generating a charge. Thereby, it holds the pollutants floating in the air until it is washed away.


Nanosilver Filter

The filters of AC have collection of dust that disturbs the performance of AC

Nanosilver filter used in AC helps in the removal of bacteria (more
than 600 types) from the air. They are self-cleaning filters and are quite

Voltas and Bluestar

The concept of Nanosilver or Silver Nano

Nanosilver is a real name for a innovation. It is an anti-bacterial concept which the companies used as an idea. This makes use of silver nano particles. All home appliances use it. Samsung, in 2003 brought it to the World.

AC became a part of our lives, be it at home, office, or in the car. Due to continued use of AC, dust and other particles block the filtres.

Due to lots of pollution, the filter of AC have collection of dust. In countries like India, this is seen more. When the collected dust blocks the filter, it disturbs the performance of AC.

When the filter gets blocked, the AC slowly stops functioning. And the AC  does not cool the room properly. Thus, the AC uses even more electricity. This, in turn, leads to more electricity charges.

Due to blockage by dust, upkeep of the AC also increases. You will have to frequently call the maintenance guys. This may be equal to almost every six months.

A new kind of AC filters have entered the market. They are self-cleaning filters, and are called Nanosilver filters.


What is the Nanosilver filter utilized in AC?

Nanosilver filter used in AC
       The filter helps in the removal of bacteria from the air to a vast extent. 

I recommend you to buy the AC with its antibacterial action.

According to some leading AC manufacturers, the filter can remove more than 600 types of microorganisms.

As per procedure,

  • Titanium oxide is exposed to the air, resulting in electrons getting excited.
  • After clashing with Oxygen, it converts into superoxide ions,
  • After getting exposed to water vapor, converts into Hydroxyl radicals,
  • Both superoxide ions and hydroxyl radicals are a lethal combination for killing the bacteria.
  • Most importantly its doesn’t cost a bomb.
  • Evidently, it works efficiently in larger premises, apart from removing foul smells.

Nanosilver filter technology in air-purifiers.

Nanosilver filter used in AC

The Growing Pollution in Indian Metropolitan Cities

India is rapidly becoming a den of some of the most impure cities in the world. So, it’s high time that one should opt for an air purifier to breathe fresh and clean air at home.

13 cities of India are in the list of most polluted cities around the globe. Air-purifier is indeed a boon for reducing a considerable amount of pollution indoors.

Air Purifiers are an Answer to Air Pollution

The air-purifier works by releasing clean air, by the help of air filters installed in it. There are myriad varieties of air filters. One of the commonly used filters is Nanosilver filters.

      Prominent brands use these filters to disinfect the venting air. They work on the principle of releasing silver ions, subsequently killing the bacteria and microbes in the air.

People diagnosed with airborne allergies will benefit a great deal from it. Also, pet owners will find it great as it successfully kills pet dander. A leading manufacturer of air-purifier has claimed that Nanosilver filter used in AC kills more than 600 types of bacteria in the air.

It had the highest percentage of disinfecting the ambiance if compared with other filters. But, few experts opine that these filters can be toxic because it causes different types of cells in the air.

Coronavirus Prevention

Basically. Scientists have found that Copper can kill coronavirus. So we can make a copper mesh filter. It should be made of many layers so that it is better. Thus, it will cause coronavirus to react with the copper surfaces.

No surprise that Copper breaks the outer hard layer of coronavirus first. However, the reaction time has not been found for sure. For now, they are heating the copper mesh with electrical resistance. And it looks like it is the way to go. Additionally, it may increase the ability of copper to kill the virus.

So in short, they suggest using hot dry air and attack of the virus to the copper mesh surface. (Bill Keevil research in the US on coronavirus and copper)

Update on Nanosilver air filter

Recently, some tech guys made a filter for practical use. You can attach it to your regular filter. It covers 60-70% area of the main filter. This is mainly about your split AC.

They claimed that this filter clears 90% pollution, dust and PM 2.5.

Basically, for a window AC, you have to use 1 filter. And you have to use two of them for a split AC.

So, the topic is in controversy as of now. Let us hope for a good conclusion to this technology.

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