Gold fin technology in AC (2020)

AC is made of many important parts. One of them being the condenser. If it works properly, the AC lasts long. This is where the new technology comes into the picture. Gold fin technology in AC – Practical Use Basically, the evaporative fins cool the air once it passes through. Normally, the fins get wet … Read more

Best AC in India under 30000 that are awesome (2020)

Hi there! We got a list of best AC in India under 30000/-   There will be summer in a couple of months! People will feel the heat at a high level. Therefore, it’s the right time tostart checking out an AC which fits your budget and cools your house. The AC should be durable … Read more

Nanosilver filter used in AC (2020) [Updated]

Lately, a different kind of filter used in AC is the trend for higher air! They are of a nano size and are made of silver ions. Why Nanosilver filter? When you use the AC for a long time, dust particles block the filters. Thus, the AC uses even more electricity and leads to more … Read more

Tips on How to Choose a Best AC India 2020

You have come to the right place. I will guide you to choose and buy the best AC in India in 2020. Which AC brand is best in India in 2019 and 2020? What is Inverter Ac and should we prefer Inverter AC? What Ton AC should I buy for home or office? I will … Read more