Simple steps to Choose a Water Purifier and 10 Best Purifiers for Home use India 2021

It’s my pleasure to help you find the best water purifier in India for your home. Alternatively, you can buy for your workplace, etc. So let’s begin.

Short summary of the Purifiers in the Market

Water PurifierFeaturesProsCons
Kent grand plus 8L (RO+UF+UV)  water purifierTDS in-built controller; 100L a day work, weighs just about 9.4kgAlert on filter change and UV fail alarm; Healthier water with double water purificationA pre-filter is pushed by the engineers;
a new concept of pressure reducing valve that avoids the purifier from bursting
Livpure PEP Pro Plus RO+UV+UF water purifier7 stage water purification; 75L per day max capacity; Weight of just 7.3kgLight weight makes it really easy to carryThe water is leaking, not leaking exactly we say flowing so pathetic
Havells Max RO+UV water purifier
Purification capacity rate up to 15L/hour and weighing just approx 8kgRemovable tank: helps you to keep your tank clean; Safety guarantee.Internal motor have very low capacity or cheap quality
Xiaomi MI Smart Water Purifier RO+UV filter
5 stage-purification; Smart app0.13L/min purification and easy filter changeNo Cons found
Blue Star Aristo RO+UV water purifier
6 stages of water purification; 12L per hour purification capacity
Child safety lock
UV fail alert
no warranty for filter 
Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aqua guard Shield 6L RO+UV+MP+MTDS water purifier
Smart energy-saving technology
6 stages of purification
one of the lightest RO purifiers (5.6 kg)
Long cartridge life
water start overflowing even after switch off the power.
Hindware Elara RO+UV+UF+MINERALS Water Purifier
7 stages of water purification;
Smart LED Indicators like a tank full and purification indicators
water with essentials minerals that enhance the taste of the water;
Sleek and flashy design
Poor service and design
Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Water purifier
work up to 75L a day 6-stage purificationTank full indicator & Power-on indicator
Taste good because of silver- impregnated post carbon filters
Leaking water
HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier
weighing just 5.8 kg; 6-stage purification;
purification rate of 9 to 12L per hour
Voltage fluctuation proof
TDS removal controller
Poor customer service
AO Smith Z8 RO purifier8-stage purification;
15L per hour purification capacity
Advanced recovery technology;
Tank indicator, UV fails alert Indicator
After sales is poor

We all know that for surviving in this world water and food are the most necessary things that we need. You may have heard that humans can survive 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water.

That shows us how important water is. Even though our earth is 71% water, we still have problems like not having enough water to drink in many places.

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Why’s that? When there is so much water on our earth, why can’t we drink all that?

Well, it’s because we cannot drink water directly from the ocean as it is not healthy for any human to directly consume. To make that water consumable for a human body, they filter them in huge tanks.

This helps you to use water for your bathing and cooking. But it is still left out with lots of harmful minerals that can give you some serious diseases like diarrhea, cholera and other serious diseases.

As our body mainly comprises of 70% water, we need healthy water to sustain. And for this reason, water purification comes in. The same process gets carried in our houses by the water purifiers.


Water purifiers are mostly one of the 5 types

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO),
  • Ultra Violet (UV)
  • Ultra Filtration (UF)
  • Activated Carbon and
  • Sediment Filter.

Now we know why it’s necessary to have a water purifier in your household and what types we can have.

We got you guys some of our best top 10 pick of water purifiers in 2019 that you should consider buying if you planning to get a water purifier. So let’s check them out.

Table of contents (Best Water Purifier India)

Best Water Purifier in India

1. Kent water purifier (RO+UF+UV) grand plus 8L  

Everyone in India knows Kent water purifier is well known for its purification, reasonable prices, and services it provides. You get a really great design in this RO water purifier with a TDS in-built controller and the ability to purify the brackish and tap water with wall mounting.

Best Water Purifier in India

It has Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon filter categories with 11 watts UV lamp fit inside the water purifier. It can take 100L a day work, weighs just about 9.4kg and with it, you get some other feature like:

  • 4 years of free service
  • Healthier water with double water purification
  • High capacity storage
  • Alert on filter change and UV fail alarm

2. Livpure water purifier RO+UV+UF PEP Pro Plus

LivPure has come up with a really simple and elegant design. This water purifier provides you with 7L of capacity, making it suitable for a family of 5 to 6 people. It has a 12L per hour purification capacity (which is great). 

Best Water Purifier in India

You may have heard about people complaining the water is pure but the taste is not that good. Well, with all these filters Livpure provides a really great water taste. It has a 75L per day max capacity (which is really great). Weight of just 7.3kg makes it really easy to carry. You get all this at a very reasonable price and some other features that you get with it are:

  • 1 year of warranty
  • 7 stage water purification
  • Alert for UV fails or Damage

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