Simple steps to Choose a Water Purifier and 10 Best Purifiers for Home use India 2020

5. Blue Star water purifier Aristo RO+UV

Blue star made a really affordable and great RO water purifier with a really great design and color.

Best Water Purifier in India

Its 6 stages of water purification with 7L tank and up to 12L per hour purification capacity, makes it really great for the household. The 6 stages of water purification are:

  1. Pre Sediment Filter,
  2. Pre Carbon Filter with Antiscalant Balls,
  3. Sediment Filter,
  4. Ro membrane,
  5. Post-Carbon filter
  6. Aqua Taste Booster and UV Lamp
  • Weighing just 8kg this RO water purifier can work purification up to 285 L a day giving you some other features like:
    • 1 – year warranty
    • Child safety lock
    • UV fail alert

You can check the video of the blue star Aristo RO+UV water purifier on this link for knowing more,

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