Simple steps to Choose a Water Purifier and 10 Best Purifiers for Home use India 2020

6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier 6L RO+UV+MP+MTDS

Eureka Forbes water purifier has a good design and elegant look. Having a weight of just 5.60 kg it is one of the lightest RO purifiers.

It has a 6L tank with different indicators including a water level indicator. You get filtration features like RO+UV+MTDS purification which ensures you get a healthy and safe drinking water.

A TDS controller helps you adjust the taste of the water. Some of the other features in this purifier are:

  • Smart energy-saving technology: The energy saver mode automatically turns off the power when the tank is full.
  • Smart Installation: It can be installed either in-wall or you can keep it in your kitchen shelf or countertop as it is super lightweight.
  • Warranty: 12 months from installation or 15 months from the sale
  • 6 stages of purification
  • Long cartridge life

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