Simple steps to Choose a Water Purifier and 10 Best Purifiers for Home use India 2020

7. Hindware Elara Water Purifier RO+UV+UF+MINERALS

Hindware water purifier gives you the best water with essentials minerals that enhance the taste of the water.

This water purifier gives you 7L water tank capacity and 7 stages of water purification.

Its sleek and flashy design makes it great in looks as well as performance. A tray is included that carries up to 1 liter of the water bottle so it’s easy to serve. Just place the water bottle on that tray and open the tap. You get other features like :

  • 1-year Warranty
  • Smart LED Indicators like a tank full and purification indicators
  • 7stage water purification
    • Mineral Fortification
    • Superior RO Membrane removing harmful chemicals like metals
    • Ultimate Ultra-Filtration removing bacteria
    • Ultrafine Sediment Filter filtering dust and mud and other stuff from the water
    • Adsorbent Pre-Carbon filter cleaning an excessive amount of chlorine and other impurities
    • Post Carbon Filter with doing the job of the polisher
    • UV Lamp eliminating the left-out germs.

You can check the video on this link for more,

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